What is the Unseen City?

The Unseen City is a backdrop, a shared universe upon which I can set various short experiences I come up with. It's inspired by stories and ideas I was never able to follow through on making, but hopefully now I can use them to inspire further experiments that will see the light of day.

I frequently start projects I never finish, typically because I overscope, get roadblocked, get frustrated, and quit or move on to the next shiny project. I use the word "experiments" here to try and get me into the mindset of making more focused, singular experiences of high quality, such that the chances of me burning out or overscoping are diminished. For example, in my first experiment I just want to make a really nice looking environment with some atmospheric world-building and maybe a couple of puzzles. Full stop. For another maybe I'll experiment with doing some budget mo-cap on some humanoid actors. For another maybe I'll experiment with some AI-driven interactions. Hopefully as things progress these experiments can become more and more ambitious as I get more and more of them under my belt.